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With a decade's worth of savvy in idea management, we're the experts who turn your sparks into wildfire innovations.



Ten years of worldwide impact – our global experience is your ticket to idea management excellence.


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We're dedicated to turning your experience into a delightful journey where the extraordinary is the standard.

Our Vision

Here at Yambla, we believe that the only sustainable way for companies to remain relevant is to go all-in on Collaborative Innovation. Companies, we believe, should be serious about nurturing a culture where all employees, partners and even customers actively engage in sharing, elaborating and evaluating new ideas that could make the company stronger. It is when companies succeed in connecting all these people and allowing them to be the company’s ideas engine, that they set themselves up for long-term relevancy.

Our mission is to help companies shift from a modus operandi that is operations-centric towards one that is ideas-centric. Our online Ideas Engine Platform enables companies to deploy Collaborative Innovation into their companies and to make it tangible.

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Our Deep Understanding of Idea Management

User Engagement

We have identified lacking user engagement as the #1 reason why Idea Management Software fails. We have built a deep understanding of user engagement from a technology standpoint as well as an innovation standpoint, resulting in an engaging product people love.

Idea Management Workflows

Our customers have introduced us to tons of different workflows tailored to their culture, industry and innovation focus. This has led us to a deep understanding of innovation management workflows and how to support them in our solution in a way that’s easy, efficient and flexible.

Technology Trends

As an innovation platform provider, it is our duty to stay in tune with the latest technology trends and design standards. Our platform’s contemporary design, desktop-class mobile app, and dozens of integrations are the result of a continuous effort in this area.

Our Strategic Partnerships

Innovation Consulting Firms

We partner with innovation consulting firms worldwide to stay in tune with the best practices surrounding innovation and idea management. This keeps our product aligned with the latest methodologies and approaches. If you choose to leverage the benefits innovation consulting can bring, we can also help you with finding the ideal innovation consulting partner.

Startup Incubators

We partner with startup incubators worldwide to stay in tune with the startup world. These partnerships help ensure that our product stays aligned with the latest technology trends. It also helps us identify trends across industries - if you choose to leverage our startup network or insights, we can help you discover trends and startups in your industry.

Research Bodies

To accomplish a deep understanding of what makes collaborative innovation successful, we collaborate with universities and participate in regular research. All resulting insights are translated into the Yambla platform, allowing us to make sure that the value of the platform continuously increases for the organizations that are relying on it.

About Our Name

'Yambla', now there's a name with a tale as intriguing as a mystery novel. Its roots trace all the way back to the mystical kingdom of Shambhala, the stuff of ancient legends. Tucked away in the heart of Asia, not too far from the enchanting landscapes of Tibet, Shambhala isn't just a hidden place; it's a full-blown ideology.

In the secretive confines of this concealed society, a unique belief thrived – one that clung passionately to the idea that the world is brimming with an inherent brilliance and radiance. 'Yambla'? Well, it's all about carrying that idea forward.

Powering Collaborative Innovation worldwide.

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