Yambla enables us to collaborate on great ideas across different countries. The platform is incredibly easy to use and the mobile app is excellent.

Bal Bansal, Coca-Cola Enterprises profile picture

Bal Bansal, Coca-Cola Enterprises

We’ve seen that innovation is all about process and deploying an innovation platform people love. Yambla brings the kind of user experience we were looking for.

Steve Goossens, Accenture profile picture

Steve Goossens, Accenture

Involving everyone in innovation and boosting idea generation demanded an easy-to-use platform that adapts to our innovation process. Yambla does just that.

Hilde Tyssen, Wolters Kluwer profile picture

Hilde Tyssen, Wolters Kluwer

Yambla has helped us unlock the untapped creative potential of every single individual in our organization. It made innovation efficient, transparent and fun.

Klaus Mariën, Eneco profile picture

Klaus Mariën, Eneco

Yambla helped us streamline our innovation process and made it stronger and more fun. It helped us maximize the innovation potential of our employees.

Bruno Defrasnes, Engie profile picture

Bruno Defrasnes, Engie

Yambla’s tight integration with our innovation process, the excellent support and the hassle-free social user experience make it a great innovation platform.

Sajal Agarwal, Ingenico Group profile picture

Sajal Agarwal, Ingenico Group

Since we implemented Yambla, we’ve seen collaboration and enthusiasm across countries. We see interaction at a level never experienced before.

Filip Gydé, CTG profile picture

Filip Gydé, CTG

Yambla enabled us to implement and structure the journey of innovation in a simple and fast way. All employees can now contribute to innovation.

Bart Verkinderen, Clear Channel profile picture

Bart Verkinderen, Clear Channel

Yambla has been instrumental in tapping into the innovative thought and creativity of our employees and in encouraging employee engagement.

Kevin Muller, Coller Capital profile picture

Kevin Muller, Coller Capital

Our employees are our most important assets. Yambla enabled all of them to help in the search for new solutions to serve our customers better.

Jelle Vervaeke, RealDolmen profile picture

Jelle Vervaeke, RealDolmen

Yambla is a powerful platform that helped us to create a culture for continuous change and innovation. It enabled us to boost our employees’ engagement.

Manuel Siciarek, Test-Aankoop profile picture

Manuel Siciarek, Test-Aankoop

Yambla is a great multi-channel and multi-generation idea management platform to capture and manage the creative ideas in your company.

Saskia Van Uffelen, Bull profile picture

Saskia Van Uffelen, Bull

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